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The Accounting Office

The Accounting Office is situated in a quiet suburban area of Chania, where it was primarily an empty unfinished semi-basement in the owner’s house. The architectural design by Georgina Andrei was inspired and led by the needs of the users, that wanted an interactive and interesting office environment which could be adjusted in the possible professional and life changes.

The space had only the external walls and windows and the interior brick walls, of which architect cut a big window for the kitchen to be revealed, in order to create an open space, free of the constraints of a usual workspace, with multiple layers, uses and depths.

All rooms have a core common design language, but each of them have something unique, with splashes of color, deepening hues and material changes, so that they create a sense of discovery and vibrant naturalness.

Cool greens are combined with warm copper tones in the metallic details of the desks, the rebellious red fridge becomes an unexpected industrial sculpture which is combined with Kandinsky paintings, the owner’s favorite.

Lighting design adds an industrial sleekness, with a contemporary twist of the linear trails. The outcome is a functional adaptable space with serene and hype vibe, that opens up new ways of seeing work as play. After all, who says accountants are boring?

Project Gallery

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