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The grandma's house near the coast

We have renovated the 1900’s house of the owner’s grandmother into two individual lofts in a historical coastal area of Chania. A house with sentimental value, in which the aim was to preserve respectfully the aristocratic atmosphere of the times in a contemporary language. The architect created new open airy staircase in each apartment in order to bring functionality and light in the ground floor. The ground level is constitute of the common area, open kitchen and the addition of a bathroom. Upper level is designed to be an open bedroom, with an exposed sink, giving the feeling of fluidity and continuity. The existing floors were replaced by metallic, the plaster inside was removed to expose the original stone walls and the old wooden windows were replaced by aluminum replicas. Vermeer’s paintings were grandma’s favorite. Tiles were Old wooden chests that were found inside the property were transformed into tables and storage units, as well as other historical objects that were used to underline the importance of memory revival and new beginnings...

Completed in April 2023

-Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design: Georgina Andrei (Architect Engineer + Mdes.Interior Design)
-Mechanical Engineering: Christos Vassileiou (Mechanical Engineer)
-Photography by SOUTH space for photography

Project Gallery

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